How to Order Coral Nest Packages?

If you are a registered user on the CoralNest billing portal then CONGRATULATIONS!

You can login to your Dashboard here:

The first step is to choose your package:

From there you can upgrade and get started with your Coral Nest Adventure.



Please follow the below steps to choose a package and get started:

  • Go to your Dashboard after login in.
  • Then at the Top, look at the menu items, and Click on Services Menu.Menu
  • Select Order New Services from the Drop-Down menu. From the list of our services, you can choose which package will suit you better.Purchase
  • Next, the system will ask you for your domain. You can register a new domain with a regular domain price, you can transfer your domain, or also you can just point your domain to us by updating the Name server.domain
  • Next, the system will show you a brief order summary, if you are happy with this, you can go ahead and can make the payment with your Credit Card. On this part, you can also add some addons like the Premium Email setup, Mobile App, etc. Purchase