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About Coral Nest.

An industry leading Marine Aquarium Fish and Coral online sales solution supporting your business to grow. Coral Nest offers a range of specifically developed website packages to manage your business online.

Coral Nest’s website packages have been developed for Aquarium Shops, Coral Wholesalers or Fish and Coral Harvesters to run a successful online business. Our client’s rely on Coral Nest to

Support 24/7

Our global team is working around the clock to ensure our clients remain up and active, free of any technical troubles.

Robust Hosting

Our platform runs on the world's most advanced hosting environment using Amazon AWS hosting technology.

Stock Management

instantly know what fish, coral or invertebrates you are holding to meet customer demand.

Easy Product Updates

Adding new products is simple and can be done on a tablet while unloading harvest or unpacking a shipment.

Fast and Easy Setup

Coral Nest comes with many types of LPS, SPS and Soft Coral species names already loaded.

Common questions

List the sales processing steps in the dashboard including customer order & international export info.

The Coral Nest Vision

Our commitment is to your growth.

Access your data from anywhere in the world via a web browser or work remotely from your boat between harvest dives.

Better Service

Give customer the WOW feeling but offering a streamlined order process. Keep on top of orders and customer notes inside each profile.

Real-time Chat

Integrate with Real-time chat modules and a sophisticated customer management system to improve your close rate and conversions.

Modern Designs

Our themes are lovingly currated to keep your business looking at the top of its game at all times. Let the Coral Nest website go to work 247.

Fast Hosting

All our clients experience the benefit of lightning-fast connections for their users accessing from anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

Support The Growing Coral & Aquaculture Market With Robust Selling Systems.

Finding a solution that is tailored for specific sectors is normally difficult because there are so many choices. Not with coral or aquamarine related verticals. 

That’s where Coral Nest steps in.

We are the world’s only purpose-built coral ERP designed specifically for coral and aquaculture suppliers and wholesalers.

Are you ready to upgrade your online presence?

Get in touch with one of our expert coral website specialists to arrange a free demo of our technology today.

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